About Kenley

Kenley Davidson is a story-lover, word-nerd and incurable introvert who is most likely to be found either writing or hiding somewhere with a book.

A native Oregonian, Kenley now resides in Oklahoma, where she persists in remaining a devoted pluviophile. Addictions include coffee, roller coasters, more coffee, researching random facts, and reading the dictionary (which is way more fun than it sounds). A majority of her time is spent being mom to two kids and two dogs while inventing reasons not to do laundry (most of which seem to involve books).

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Sneak Peek of Shadow & Thorn

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Here’s a sneak peak of Shadow and Thorn, book four of The Andari Chronicles: Prologue Darkness was her world. Darkness and silence. There was nothing and no one to break the silence, for she was alone, and when she was alone, she had neither ears nor voice. So deep was the darkness, that she had begun to wonder if there had ever been anything else. From time to time a whisper would find her from outside her formless cocoon, but the whispers could neither break her nor free her, so she slipped further and further into the void, further and further from memory and thought and caring. At last, she slept, and she forgot that sleep was another word for danger. Even…

On Not Writing

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My first official blog post as a writer is, ironically, a post about not writing. Because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month. In the middle of a year dedicated to launching my career by way of ambitious goals and a breakneck writing schedule, I was sidelined for a month by the fruit of that ambition—a whopping case of self-neglect. Like many other writers, I have a family and a life that demands a majority of my time be spent doing things that are not writing. And, like a lot of moms, I often end up putting myself at the end of the line, whether it’s for breakfast or shoe shopping or sleep. And I thought I was…

Sneak Peek of Pirouette

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Here’s a sneak peak of Pirouette, book three of The Andari Chronicles: Prologue Princess Ilani Rohin Adayan could not sit still. She was distracted during breakfast, and barely touched her favorite fried flatcakes. She fidgeted through being dressed, and had to be scolded when her dancing sashes kept coming unpinned. She squirmed while her hair was brushed and braided, and nearly spilled the tray of pearls waiting to be woven into her silky dark locks. She bounced impatiently in her seat while her shoes were being put on and broke three of the gauzy golden ribbons that wrapped around her ankles. Panya fussed, Mazri scolded, and Ilani paid no attention whatsoever. It was the day she had been looking forward to…

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