A breathtaking fantasy romance inspired by Cinderella…

Trystan spends her days in bleak isolation, with little hope that she will ever be free from her stepmother’s cruel whims. When a wealthy and influential neighbor offers her both a fortune and her freedom, Trystan must decide whether to pay the price. Who is she willing to betray in order to gain her independence? What is she willing to sacrifice in order to pursue her forbidden relationship with the compelling young man whose face haunts her dreams?

Trapped between the desire for love and the fate of her kingdom, Trystan attends the glittering Royal Masque, where she learns that her actions may have betrayed her prince, and thrust them both into a nightmare of conspiracy and deception.

If she is to have any hope of redemption, Trystan must escape a dangerous web of duplicity, espionage and intrigue, though she may be forced to sacrifice her own happy ending to prevent her kingdom from falling into the hands of a ruthless adversary.